New Music Friday: Liam Gallagher – C’MON YOU KNOW

Liam Gallagher CMON YOU KNOW

Liam Gallagher has released his third solo record C’MON YOU KNOW today – revisit Live4ever’s review and stream the album right here.

“As you may know, Liam Gallagher is performing some big shows in the coming weeks.”

“As well as stadium gigs in Manchester, Belfast and Glasgow there’s the small matter of two nights at Knebworth. Yet, seemingly forgotten amidst the excitement of his return to the scene of Oasis’ most famous gig 26 years on, is the small matter of a new album.”

“It’s become a cliché to reference how successful Gallagher’s comeback has been (160,000 Knebworth tickets selling out before a crotchet of new music had been heard is testament to that), but both As You Were and Why Me? Why Not. were built on solid and safe foundations.”

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