Sea Power, Field Music lead first wave for Long Division 2022

Sea Power by Hollywood

Sea Power by Hollywood

Long Division will be at Wakefield’s city centre between June 11th-12th.

The first wave of artists for this year’s Long Division festival have been announced, and are being led by Sea Power and Field Music.

W. H. Lung are on there too; as are LIFE, The Howl And The Hum, LYR and the UK’s current Poet Laureate, Simon Armitage.

“We’re hugely excited about 2022 here at Long Division; we’ve got a brand new staff team, all under 25 and full of energy and ideas,” founder and director Dean Freeman responds. “We feel we’ve got a great mix of new and legendary in our first announcements and feel that we can keep punching above our weight.”

“I want to say to everyone out there though; 2022 is the year you use it or lose it. Not just us; all festivals, venues, artists, record shops and more. 2021 was rough but there was a level of support and goodwill available to most.”

“This year I fear there will be a sense of ‘back to normal’ and more of the things we love will disappear. I almost feel bad promoting something as ‘luxury’ as a music festival when bills are soaring and the planet is burning.”

“That’s why we’re committing to lots of things this year; keeping our ticket prices mega-competitive, ring fencing 5% of our tickets sales for environmental causes, pushing on with our vital education work and giving a platform to all these amazing artists who deserve your support.”

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