Johnny Marr shares new single Night And Day

Johnny Marr

“I need songs after all the news, news, news,” Johnny Marr says. “It gets too real in the hotspots.”

Johnny Marr has posted visuals for Night And Day with the third part of the EP series which is previewing his new double album Fever Dreams due to get a limited edition gold vinyl release on May 20th.

Like the album as a whole, this track concentrates on the future, the Smiths guitarist adding that he’s, ‘trying to be positive, for me and my audience’:

“My personality is such that it occurs to me to think that way. I’m not just writing with positivity for the sake of a song. It’s real, and it’s also very necessary.”

Fever Dreams Pts 1-4 tracklist:

Spirit Power & Soul
All These Days
Lightning People
Hideaway Girl
Sensory Street
Tenement Time
The Speed of Love
Night and Day
Counter-Clock World
God’s Gift
The Whirl

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