Run The Jewels premiere Never Look Back video during Adult Swim Festival

Run The Jewels

Run The Jewels have returned to last year’s RTJ4 record.

Run The Jewels have been inspired by The Night of the Living Dead on their video for Never Look Back, premiered as part of last weekend’s online Adult Swim Festival.

It’s a timely reminder of the duo’s fourth studio album, one of our top picks of 2020:

“In the past, the pair had been seen in some quarters as taking themselves either too seriously or not seriously enough, but whilst they scratch the itch for making party rap on ‘ooh la la’, with its monstrous kick break, an almost mania grips everything else,” the review reads.

“There are villains here – racist police, pseudo Christians, the big corporations which have been allowed to become beyond morality – but the set ups are not of the pantomime kind.”

“Here on Ju$t, the subjects enslave themselves by embracing a rigged system offering the illusion of equality, while the stain of invisible plutocrats haunt ‘pulling the pin’: ‘These filthy criminals sit at the pinnacle/Doing the typical/Keeping us miserable/Taking the most and providing the minimal’.”

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