Yard Act unveil debut album track Land Of The Blind

Yard Act by James Brown

Yard Act by James Brown

“Land Of The Blind is a song about the art of illusion, and how self-confidence can really inspire conviction in a trick,” Yard Act’s James Smith says.

Yard Act have unveiled the second track from their debut album The Overload which is set for release on January 7th next year.

“Confidence is such a powerful tool and we are so often willing to believe what we are told by the most confident people in the room because the alternative of doubting them is to exhaust ourselves laboring the point by trying to talk louder than them,” Smith continues on Land Of The Blind.

“Nobody wants that. Most people just want to get on with enjoying their short lives with as little stress as they possibly can. So, exhausting as it still is, closing your eyes whilst you let the mad bastards do their stupid tricks often seems the most reasonable price to pay.”

The Overload tracklist:

The Overload
Dead Horse
The Incident
Land Of The Blind
Quarantine The Sticks
Tall Poppies
Pour Another
100% Endurance

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