FEET premiere Busy Waiting video


FEET kick-off a UK tour in Sheffield later this week.

FEET have shared their video for Busy Waiting, a track taken from the current Walking Machine EP.

“Opener Peace And Quiet doesn’t so much set out this manifesto as spray it on the bog wall, George spitting out, ‘Squeaky clean indie boys corporate ass kissing/closing down venues ‘cos the hippies ain’t listening’, as they keep the guitar swagger of before but get a bit more up in your face,” our review reads.

“Never lyrically straightforward – that album talked about burglars, old age pensioners and accidentally drinking fuel additives – here Library deals with that not forgotten link in the pre-Internet information dual carriageway age, whilst Busy Waiting is raucous, impatient 21st century pub rock and the scratchy Libertines-on-a-tight-budget of Arena rounds out the cautionary tales with some night bus blues.”

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