Dave posts Stormzy collaboration Clash

Dave We're All Alone In This Together artwork

Dave is set to release his second album on July 23rd.

The dream team of Dave and Stormzy have come together on Clash, taken from the former’s upcoming We’re All Alone In This Together LP.

It’s the first taste of Dave’s highly anticipated follow-up to the 2019 Mercury Prize winning debut Psychodrama.

“It’s confessional, it’s honest, it foregoes self-aggrandising,” our review reads. “Psychodrama tells a story of just what it takes to get here, the internal and external battles Dave has faced to become the man he is today. It’s bold, often difficult to comprehend, but compelling to listen to.”

“Opener Psycho is tense, ominous, very exciting. Like not knowing what’s around a corner, every additional blind bend only heightens the drama. Then it switches, the boldness gives way to insecurity and uncertainty.”

“On the face of it Psycho seems like the most standard hip-hop track on the record, but as with everything on this album, appearances can be deceiving, and the moment the song turns is brilliant and more powerful than almost any other moment in British hip-hop.”

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