The Black Keys post Going Down South from blues covers album Delta Kream

The Black Keys by Joshua Black Wilkins

The Black Keys by Joshua Black Wilkins

The Black Keys will release it on May 14th.

Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney have shared another cover which will be a part of their Delta Kream homage to Mississippi blues.

Going Down South is one of the duo’s takes on a R. L. Burnside staple, whilst John Lee Hooker and Junior Kimbrough are two more pioneers whom they’ll paying particular attention to.

“We made this record to honor the Mississippi hill country blues tradition that influenced us starting out,” Auerbach says.

“These songs are still as important to us today as they were the first day Pat and I started playing together and picked up our instruments. It was a very inspiring session with Pat and me along with Kenny Brown and Eric Deaton in a circle, playing these songs. It felt so natural.”

“The session was planned only days in advance and nothing was rehearsed,” Carney adds.

“We recorded the entire album in about ten hours, over two afternoons, at the end of the Let’s Rock tour.”

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