The Bluetones announce 25th anniversary edition of Expecting To Fly

The Bluetones Expecting To Fly
The Bluetones released Expecting To Fly in February 1996.

The Britpop party was in full swing by the time The Bluetones were preparing to release their debut album, but its success proved there was still room for more.

25 years after Expecting To Fly briefly knocked the behemoth of (What’s The Story) Morning Glory? off the top of the UK chart, an anniversary edition has been announced for July 16th.

The 3LP version is to come with a collection of non-album cuts along side the original tracklist, as well as an album of demos entitled The Early Garage Years.

LP1: Expecting To Fly;

Talking To Clarry
Cut Some Rug
Things Change
The Fountainhead
Carnt Be Trusted
Slight Return
Putting Out Fires
A Parting Gesture
Time & Again

LP2: A and B Sides;

Are You Blue Or Are You Blind?
String Along
Colorado Beetle
Glad To See Y’Back Again
Don’t Stand Me Down
Nae Hair On’t
Castle Rock
The Devil Behind My Smile
Marblehead Johnson
The Simple Things
Nifkin’s Bridge

LP3: The Early Garage Years;

Are You Blue Or Are You Blind? [demo]
Talking To Clarry [demo]
Carnt Be Trusted [demo]
Slight Return [limited edition UK/Japan 7″ single]
No. 11 (Bluetonic) [from the Fierce Panda “Return To Splendour” EP]
The Fountainhead [demo]
Time & Again [demo]
Cut Some Rug [homemade 4-track recording]
Talking To Clarry [homemade 8-track recording]
Are You Blue Or Are You Blind? [homemade 8-track recording]

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