Lana Del Rey confirms release date of new album Blue Banisters

Lana Del Rey

It’s barely a month since Lana Del Rey released Chemtrails Over The Country Club.

Lana Del Rey has been back on social media announcing album details once again, this time to confirm Blue Banisters for release on July 4th.

It’s a change of both title and release date, but is presumably the same album referred to by Del Rey when giving titles and release dates whilst responding on Instagram last month to more negative commentary, on this occasion referencing the Harper’s Bazaar article ‘Lana Del Rey Can’t Qualify Her Way Out Of Being Held Accountable’.

“Just want to thank you again for the kind articles like this one and for reminding me that my career was built on cultural appropriation and glamorizing domestic abuse,” she wrote at that time.

“I will continue to challenge those thoughts on my next record on June 1 titled ‘Rock Candy Sweet’.”

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