Stereolab release The Super It from fourth Switched On compilation

Stereolab by David Cowlard

Stereolab by David Cowlard

Stereolab release the fourth volume of their Switched On series on February 26th.

Stereolab have unveiled The Super It from their upcoming Electrically Possessed compilation, one containing various tracks and rarities spanning 1999-2008 after the previous volume came out in 1998.

The Super It was first heard on The Underground Is Coming 7″ tour single – ‘a kind of lost song in a way’, according Tim Gane.

“Written not for an LP but around the same time as the Brigitte Fontaine Calimero 7” (in which, I think, it shares a big similarity) and recorded at the same time as the tracks for the abandoned Charlie’s Angels in Space video game (Fried Monkey Eggs etc…) although this track was never intended for that project,” he continues.

“In our earlier days it would have ended up as a single itself but this was now the LP period of the Groop and so we ended up releasing it as part of a tour single EP. Immaculately recorded by Fulton Dingley, it sounds wonderful and certainly one of the best from the period. Maybe we should have waited a bit and put it on Margerine Eclipse.”

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