Katy J Pearson, Squid among the artists signed up for remote SXSW 2021

Live4ever @ SXSW (Photo: Paul Bachmann)

Live4ever @ SXSW (Photo: Paul Bachmann)

It’s a second year with Austin shut out for SXSW.

At a time when the final lists of showcasing artists would normally be being finalised, South By Southwest has unveiled a line-up for 2021 who’ll be performing remotely for the giant festival this time round.

Live4ever favourites such as Katy J Pearson, Squid, TV Priest and Sinead O’Brien can at least comfort themselves in not having to navigate the usual visa hurdles for their own SXSW appearances, but the unique hustle, bustle, heat and crowds of Austin in March will sadly seem a long way away this year.

Instead, the performing artists (who are listed in full here) can be experienced by passholders at venues in their own home countries, streamed through online, mobile and various South By connected app portals.

Select content is also to be made available in virtual reality via the SXSW Online XR.

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