L.A. Witch post Motorcycle Boy video

L.A. Witch by Marco Hernandez

L.A. Witch by Marco Hernandez

L.A. Witch released their Play With Fire album last year.

L.A. Witch have shared a new video for their Motorcycle Boy track.

“The song is inspired by Moto Boys like Mickey Rourke, Marlon Brando, and Steve McQueen, so of course we took a lot of inspiration from our favorite biker movies like The Wild One, Rumble Fish, On any Sunday, Easy Rider, Hells Angeles ’69 and The Girl on a Motorcycle,” singer and guitarist Sade Sanchez says.

“I had worked with Ambar Navarro and Max on another project and loved their other work, so we wanted to work with them on this.”

“They definitely did their homework and came up with a cool story line. I got to feature my bike that I’d been rebuilding during the pandemic. It was nice to shoot a video where you get to do two of your favorite things, riding motorcycles and play guitar.”

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