Kiwi Jr. premiere video for Cooler Returns track Maid Marian’s Toast

Kiwi Jr. by Johan Arthurs

Kiwi Jr. by Johan Arthurs

It takes us behind the scenes of the recording of the new Kiwi Jr. album.

Kiwi Jr. have premiered their video for Maid Marian’s Toast shortly after the release of Cooler Returns.

The band’s follow-up to last year’s debut album Football Money was Live4ever’s Album Of The Week earlier this month after our review declared that they are, ‘still geeky upstarts, but the journey finds them taking their word soup to new levels of tune-filled glee’:

“On Maid Marian’s Toast, they delve further and more explicitly than is perhaps wise into an arson attack committed against a local fast food joint and the insurance fraud which came after it. Please write in if you’re still following all of this.”

“The obvious pitfall – of silly ideas collapsing in on themselves and forming little more than a niche located right up their collective asses – is worth flagging here, because it’s one they swerve, either by accident or design on tracks like Highlights Of 100, the genteel country-rock of Only Here For A Haircut and Omaha’s blue collar, jukebox punk.”

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