Belle And Sebastian put fans centre-stage on new live video

Belle And Sebastian at Pitchfork Paris 2019 (Jessica Bartolini for Live4ever)

Belle And Sebastian at Pitchfork Paris 2019 (Jessica Bartolini for Live4ever)

The Belle And Sebastian live LP was a Live4ever Album Of The Week last month.

The communal celebration of a Belle And Sebastian concert is one of live music’s big misses right now, and the kinship with their fans which makes those gigs so special is centre-stage on a new video promoting the recent What To Look For In Summer album.

This eponymous track is one of the performances compiled from appearances at The Boaty Weekender and various other tour dates in 2019, making up a collection which Live4ever said showcases songs that, ‘have steel enough to be heard at a Village Hall near you for many years to come’:

“There’s also a license to (very gently) kick some butt; Belle And Sebastian aren’t exactly Metallica but there’s piano, keyboards, brass and some appreciable heft to songs like Dog On Wheels and Stay Loose, the latter keeping both its original majesty and its (gasp) guitar solo.”

“Still, whatever the axe work, subtlety is probably what an outsider would perceive to be the group’s forte. Almost buried amongst the heavyweight running order are Funny Little Frog and Poor Boy, either of which are candidates for the most pleasant departure, slotting into grooves that belie their creator’s lecturer-friendly reputation for aloofness.”

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