Album Of The Week: Sleaford Mods – Spare Ribs

Sleaford Mods Spare Ribs artwork

Our pick of the albums reviewed on these pages this week is the new Sleaford Mods record Spare Ribs – here’s your chance to revisit the review and check out the album via Spotify.

“By the time it’s over, there won’t be many people left unaffected by the events of the last twelve months in Britain.”

“It took a pandemic to do it, but having too much time on our hands has caused the massed citizenry to embrace things that wouldn’t have been in our nightmares during the sunlit uplands of as far back as 2019.”

“Given their ability to hold up an unflattering mirror to our consciences, there was no way then that Sleaford Mods were going to miss the opportunity to pick at the scabs of government incompetence, class tourism and the claustrophobia of the age.”

“Spare Ribs is Jason Williamson and Andrew Fearn’s sixth album working together, but as well as holding a torch for the disaffected as before, it’s the first outing on which they’ve come to the realisation that they’re also capable of being pop stars, if only by their own definition.”

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