Mera Bhai posts video for Futureproofing single

Mera Bhai by Kamal Rasool

Mera Bhai by Kamal Rasool

Mera Bhai released his debut EP via Moshi Moshi on October 9th.

London based DJ and producer Mera Bhai has posted his video for Futureproofing, directed by Fat White Family collaborator Niall Trask.

Taken from his recent EP of the same name, Bhai says the track is, in spirit, ‘about trying to find a balance between the push and pull of life’s responsibilities’:

“I wrote it when I was in India on my escape from the UK and trying to balance constantly being on tour, my relationships, my job and my mental health, and still very much in the process of grieving lost family members.”

“Fortunately, all aspects of my life have been incredibly forgiving to me, but this track feels like an apt representation of the push and pull of things.“

“The track uses several samples from a great record called Flamenco Arabe – a collaboration between the late Egyptian percussionist Hossam Ramzy and Spanish Flamenco guitarist Jose Luis Monton.”

“It wasn’t consciously my intention at the time, but it’s pretty interesting looking back at it that I chose to sample a record for this track that inherently has its own sense of delicate balance – the meeting of two cultures.”

“What I love about this record is its forthrightness in cultural marriage, and the simplicity of their execution. To me it sits outside what are often very cheesy fusion records.”

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