The Chats pay loving tribute to AC/DC on new single

The Chats by Luke Henery

The Chats by Luke Henery

The Chats doff their cap to fellow countrymen AC/DC.

As an Australian rock band who like to keep things concise and to the point, The Chats are following in a grand tradition set by AC/DC.

And it’s a link which they are emphatically paying tribute to on their new single ACϟDC CD, their first move since the release of debut album High Risk Behaviour back in March. All the listening options are available here.

“When I was 10 years old my dad took me to the Sanity in Logan and I purchased my first CD with my own money, which was ‘Back in Black’ by AC/DC,” Eamon Sandwith recalls.

“I was utterly blown away at how hard this band could rock, and I played it in the car every day to and from primary school.”

“I still fucken love Acca Dacca so I wrote this song as a tribute to one of the world’s rocking-est bands.”

With an 8/10, High Risk Behaviour has achieved one of Live4ever’s highest marks of the year, summed up in our review as ‘snotty nihilism in a universal language’:

“There is a school of thought which says that, regardless that the culture and language might change, the dry powder which ignited to make punk rock exists in anyone with a certain set of values,” it opens.

“This is probably why it remains one of the most popular movements around the world – you can see a punk band anywhere from Tierra Del Fuego to Tromso – and also how it can thrive even under the baking sun of Queensland, Australia, the oven like constituency which has thrown up a mightily uncouth trio in The Chats.”

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