Review: Laundromat – Green EP

Laundromat Green EP artwork

The second of three EPs planned by Laundromat into 2021 is out today.

Following on from the earlier Blue EP (see what he did there?), Meet Me In St Louis frontman Toby Hayes unveils more bedroom recordings.

Like its predecessor, the charm in this EP lies in its intimate, lo-fi textures and its intense, in-your-ear vocals. With 6 Music support from Lauren Lavern and Steve Lamacq already under his belt, anticipation builds with each new release from the Brighton man.

Opener and recent single Bureau De Fatigue puts the bass front and centre in the mix, albeit consisting of two notes on loop. The bass is a sturdy spine on which the rest of the sound can swamp itself.

The muffled, Beck-esque vocals discuss ‘loose pixels in a cubicle’ and the feeling of being a ‘small-town man’. At first, it seems slight but reveals itself to be hypnotic, complete with spiky guitar solo.

Bug-Eyed follows a similar pattern, the stoic snare recalling Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s snappy percussion, although here the guitar is strangled nonchalantly, while on Nein the guitar is grungey in its murkiness.

Existing entirely in their own world, these Laundromat EPs are testament to unrestrained creativity and exploring one’s imagination in a comfortable environment, making use of the resources to hand.

We await the next one eagerly.


Richard Bowes

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