Dream Wife to release IRL (Live In London 2020) album

By Live4ever - Posted on 12 Nov 2020 at 7:38am

Dream Wife performing at the Bristol Exchange (Jessica Bartolini / Live4ever)

Dream Wife performing at the Bristol Exchange (Jessica Bartolini / Live4ever)

Dream Wife are releasing their only live show of 2020.

When Dream Wife put on a gig at Peckham Audio in London back in January ahead of the summer release of their So When You Gonna… LP, the prospect of it proving to be their only live outing of 2020 must have seemed impossible.

So it proved though, yet with acclaim following their second studio LP, resulting in its recent placing on Rough Trade’s Top 10 Albums Of 2020 list, the band have arranged that gig’s digital release on November 20th.

“The rock show is the beating heart of this band,” they’ve said. “We cut our teeth as a unit playing relentless DIY tours before ever releasing music.”

“We often describe recordings as a snapshot of a song at a moment in time, but understanding them as living, breathing, transforming entities through the rock show.”

“Kicking off this year we imagined 2020 to be seriously getting back to touring, to playing shows, to letting these songs live. But… 2020 has not been what anyone expected it to be.”

“When we put on this small intimate ‘sort of’ secret gig for fans & friends at Peckham Audio back in January we thought it was the first but, as it turns out, it was going to be the only for a very long time. We truly believe in the transcendental power of live music; that you have the power to go somewhere together.”

“We can’t wait to commune with you IRL, at the rock show; to share sweat and joy and rage and grief and energy and love. But for now, we offer you a snapshot of our only rock show of 2020. We offer you a little bit of that energy and rawness and connection captured digitally.”

“It’s not quite the same. But don’t worry we’ll be together, we will be loud, and we will be unapologetically present soon.”

IRL (Live In London 2020) tracklist:

Hey Heartbreaker
So When You Gonna…
Hasta La Vista
Cheap Thrills
Let’s Make Out

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