RoRo, youngblackmale feature on Speedy Wunderground’s latest Quarantine Series sampler

Speedy Wunder

Tracks by RoRo and youngblackmale have been picked to showcase Speedy Wunderground‘s lockdown Quarantine Series on a second 12” sampler.

Wait & See and Cigarettes Pt.2 point to the wider soundscapes which producer Dan Carey has been gradually exploring during his series of remote collaborations this year, and will feature on the physical release when it comes out on November 13th.

“We chose two tracks/artists that I think we really wanted to shed some more light on,” says label co-runner Pierre Hall. “Two that we really didn’t want to go under the radar – and in our opinion reflect this parallel strand of the label that’s forming – with new artists we’re really excited about – and that will hopefully draw people in to explore the series as a whole.”

“It’s interesting,” Carey adds on the different sounds which have underpinned the Quarantine Series, “as I’ve always loved electronic music, but because Speedy is so band-based it’s naturally led to more of that post-punk thing I suppose we’re known for. However, because of COVID it’s forced us into this new way of working, which has been a positive as it’s letting these other influences, which were always there, come through.”

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