Sufjan Stevens unveils Sugar from new album The Ascension

Sufjan Stevens

Sufjan Stevens has unveiled Sugar ahead of the release of his eighth studio album The Ascension on September 25th.

The release comes with a video recorded in Brooklyn with choreographer MacArthur Fellow, Kyle Abraham and director Ezra Hurwitz. “Sugar is ultimately about the desire for goodness and purity (and true sustenance),” Stevens says.

“On the surface the song is just a string of clichés, but the message is imperative: now is the time to gather what is good and pure and valuable and make it your own, and share it with others. Feed your soul and speak new life into those around you.”

“Give each other love, respect and sacrifice. Relinquish all the old habits, all the old ways of thinking and doing, all former practices—‘business as usual’—and bring new life to the world.”

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