New Music Friday: Hurts – Faith


Hurts‘ fifth studio album Faith has been released on this latest New Music Friday.

The LP was unveiled back in June after Hurts had made their return with the Voices single, Adam Anderson saying at the time that its creation had initially been a fraught process. “If you’d have told me when we started it how coherent, powerful, and authentic it is, many months later, I probably wouldn’t have believed you,” he said. “At one stage, I thought we had no chance.”

Theo Hutchcraft took that mood back even further, remembering how the duo’s tour behind Faith’s predecessor Desire had left him, ‘physically and mentally absolutely exhausted’. “To the point where I was at breaking point,” he continued.

“I had to stop and not do anything for a while because I couldn’t think, I couldn’t focus, or anything. And I didn’t know what the future held really. I didn’t know if we’d make another album again.”

But it is here, and now you can judge it for yourself on Live4ever:


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