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By Live4ever - Posted on 03 Sep 2020 at 8:01am

Katy J Pearson by Olivia Clapp

Katy J Pearson by Olivia Clapp


Katy Pearson, Bob Pearson my brother, Alf, Robbie and Matt!


I’m from Gloucestershire in England originally but now live in Bristol in the west country of the UK.


Kate Bush; The Beatles; Crosby, Stills And Nash.


I had just been dropped by my label and wanted a fresh start and really wanted to make it work so went to our studio space everyday for a while to try and get the ball rolling.


Before music I studied art and was going to go to university and study illustration, but music got serious so did that instead! I’ve worked in pubs and shops over my music career so far.


Country, pysch-rock, pop.


I would love to tour everywhere I possibly can and play Glastonbury at some point.

Did you know?

Hmm…I once got my hair so stuck in my brother’s guitar frets when I was grabbing my water when we were doing a duo gig.

What’s next?

Next up is album and hopefully next year lots of touring!


If you listened to BBC 6 Music at any point over the summer you’ll know this fine slab of pure joy. And rightly so. The stuttered, pulsing intro sets the scene for a timeless pop single, strikingly confident and developed for one so fresh, containing a subtle brass section which adds a layer of class that the song didn’t need (for the delicious melody would be enough) but is pitched shrewdly, never overbearing the purity of the song.

It’s a dancing in the daylight type of track, and justly one of the anthems of 2020.


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