Squid preview new double A-side vinyl single with Broadcaster

Squid by Machine Operated

Squid by Machine Operated

Squid have shared the second part of the double A-side single which will be their first release on Warp Records when it gets a limited vinyl run from June 26th.

Broadcaster is being paired up with Sludge, the latter of which has already brought Squid’s huge potential into 2020. “Lyrically the track was inspired by the visual artist Naim June Paik and his TV Garden installation,” Ollie Judge says.

“I thought it blurred the lines between a dystopian and utopian vision. I imagined what it must be like living synonymously amongst nature and technology in the most literal way I could imagine, with TVs towering over me amongst forests.”

Sludge recently premiered an ‘isolation’ video made up primarily of footage sent in by fans for Sludge; “After looking through all the videos it was really interesting to see how spatially different everyone’s situation is but how they’re all tied together through the same feeling of isolation,” the band said. “Some videos were claustrophobic, others showed deserted cityscapes and some even featured other people but they all had a lingering feeling of loneliness and uncertainty.”

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