The Horse Heads release Bit Rude single on Cool Thing Records

Photo: Paul Bachmann

Photo: Paul Bachmann

The Horse Heads have released another frantic single on Cool Thing Records.

Bit Rude comes after Live4ever was immediately turned on to the band via their Questions single a couple of years ago, when in the Presents feature they described themselves as, ‘Loud, straight forward and passionate‘:

“Of all guitar genres, punk is the one that most transcends fashion and as such never goes away. The Horse Heads sit proudly, firmly, comfortably in that lineage,” our review reads.

“Their latest offering, Questions, is a stark and simple punch to the gutturals, propelled by a new wave bassline and framed around a simple, shouted refrain of ‘leave me alone…all these questions are killing me’, a message always central to punk’s ethos. We’ve much to moan about right now, and The Horse Heads are vital to help us all channel our aggression.”

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