The Airborne Toxic Event announce first album in five years, Hollywood Park

Hollywood Park

The Airborne Toxic Event have announced their first album in five years is to be released on May 8th.

Hollywood Park is also to act as a companion piece to frontman Mike Jollett’s new memoir of the same name one which, according to press, tells the story of a life that ‘started in an experiential commune in California that later morphed into the Church of Synanon, one of America’s most notorious and dangerous cults’.

“The album and memoir follow Jollett through a childhood filled with poverty, emotional abuse, delinquency and addiction,” the blurb adds. “Alongside this, however, runs a story of family, fierce love, and ultimately the search for stability in a tumultuous, confusing world.”

Hollywood Park tracklist:

Hollywood Park
Brother, How Was The War?
Carry Me
Come On Out
I Don’t Want To Be Here Anymore
All The Children
Everything I Love Is Broken
All These Engagements
The Place We Meet A Thousand Feet Beneath The Racetrack
The Common Touch
The Place We Meet A Thousand Feet Beneath The Racetrack (Reprise)

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