Isle Of Wight, Download festivals cancelled

Green Man Festival 2019 (Gary Mather for Live4ever)

Gary Mather for Live4ever

Isle Of Wight and Download are the latest two UK festivals to have been cancelled.

In their statement, Isle Of Wight organisers say their decision, ‘has not been taken lightly’, and that they had, ‘tried their best to make it work’. “But it was unavoidable given the current status,” the statement continues.

“The whole team was excited to welcome everyone to the island for another fantastic festival and we extend our sincere apologies to everyone who was looking forward to it as much as we were.”

They are sentiments echoed by Download organisers, who say they had been, ‘monitoring this unprecedented situation’. “Please rest assured we will be back next year,” they say. “Now, more than ever, we need the Download spirit to thrive and offer support to those that need it most.”

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