New Music Friday: Wire – Mind Hive

Mind Hive

Wire have released their latest album Mind Hive on New Music Friday today – scroll down to check it out on Live4ever via Spotify.

“After providing ten consecutive minutes of laconic bliss, Oklahoma purports to do something similar but lulls the listener into a false sense of security, the wall of guitar slapping us back into the here and now before the bass oozes out of the speakers,” our 8/10 review reads. “Held together by the repeated message ‘I admire your sexy hearse’ (nope, us neither), the track demands full attention in preparation for the final furlong.”

“The seven-minute Hung can only be described as a noise symphony in several parts, atmospheric noise rock at its finest. Vocals are kept to a minimum but once again a simple mantra is all that’s required (‘In a moment of doubt the damage was done’). Lyrically, Humming goes one step further, decrying the ‘oligarchs’ and ‘empire vacuums’ that bedraggle 21st century western society.”

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