Yeasayer have announced their decision to split

Yeasayer by Eliot Lee Hazel

Yeasayer are splitting after releasing five studio albums during the course of more than a decade together as a band.

Their high-point arguably came on 2010’s Odd Blood, while what now looks like being the last of their albums, Erotic Reruns, arrived earlier this year. In a statement on social media, Chris Keating, Ira Wolf Tuton and Anand Wilde said they had agreed the decision to part ways is ‘the right one at the right time’:

“We have decided that Yeasayer has reached its end. It is a decision that has not been made lightly or swiftly, but the three of us agree that it is the right one at the right time.”

“We count ourselves lucky to have shared our 15 years as a band with so many people all over the world. To all that have supported us and engaged in our musical universe over the years, we thank you.”

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