FEET post video for Vegetarian Christmas

FEET by Dave Willis

Dave Willis

FEET have been getting in the festive spirit recently, and who can blame them what with having one of the year’s best debut albums under their belts.

With them and their record label set to throw a Christmas party at The Gallery in London later this week, the band have now unveiled the video for their new single Vegetarian Christmas, a song about ‘the wholesome alternative’.

“Teach, don’t preach is the songs philosophy,” the band say. “We’re presenting the option and asking what’s on your plate this Christmas? Food and tradition is closely linked in this country and we believe it should not reflect the past without working towards a more positive future. Nothing’s a tradition until it starts. Why not make vegetarianism part of yours this Christmas.”

The Clapped Records Christmas Party is to be held on December 14th, when ‘a host of bands, DJs and zany characters’ are promised. “For the first time ever, dive conk-first into festive cheers and crack open some frosty jars at the inaugural Clapped Records Christmas bash,” they’ve said.

“Celebrating a first year marked by a prosperous rise in Blur comparisons and net profits, the Clapped team have made the natural decision to spunk it all on the Christmas do.”

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