Squid announce their biggest headline UK show to-date after release of Town Centre EP

By Live4ever - Posted on 10 Oct 2019 at 10:43am

Squid by Holly Whitaker

Holly Whitaker

Squid have announced their biggest headline UK show to-date after the release of the Town Centre EP last month.

It’ll take place at the London Scala on April 2nd next year, succeeding the ongoing headline UK dates and their gigs in support of Metronomy which are coming up next month.

“Sharing a label with the provocative black midi, 2018’s frantically charged debut release Houseplants implied that they also have a shared commitment to listener baiting, but the four tracks which make up this EP demonstrate far more control and a flair for conveying mood,” our EP review reads.

“Lots of bands, in the privacy of their own notions, probably think they sound a bit like Talking Heads. On The Cleaner, Squid sound a bit like Talking Heads.”

“The great news is that the bit they nail is the essence of what made the New Yorkers so ground breaking, capturing the bone-dry, epically taut funk which boiled everything down fierce angles and a refusal to compromise. By extension, it touches greatness.”

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