Isobel Campbell shares Runnin’ Down A Dream from new album There Is No Other

Isobel Campbell by Ashley Osbourn

Ashley Osbourn

Isobel Campbell has shared Runnin’ Down A Dream from her new album There Is No Other.

“I grew up listening to Full Moon Fever in my Dad’s car,” Campbell says. “On repeat. I had no idea what it was back then, just knew that I loved hearing it. The lilting laidback voice floating from the speakers made absolute sense to me. It painted a picture of America and the West long before I’d ever go.”

“I’d visualise and dream of wide open spaces, nature, freedom and this alternate kind of life. All from my Dad’s car.”

“When I recorded ‘Runnin’ Down A Dream’ the poetry and mystery of the lyrics were really speaking to me. I wanted to give this version a hypnotic dream like feel.”

There Is No Other is out on January 31st next year, 14 years on from her last solo album.

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