New Music Friday: LIFE, Liam Gallagher

A Picture Of Good Health

LIFE and Liam Gallagher have both released their new albums today. Check them out on New Music Friday below.

On A Picture Of Good Health, LIFE have delivered ‘the sound of what happens to people who live at the end of the line, the shadows whose options are a tick list of one’ according to Live4ever’s review:

“There’s a certain sobriety too in knowing that through one cue or another these are not songs about made up victims and waifs, but LIFE’s collective determination to turn experience into thrills means that the likes of Never Love Again, It’s A Con and Grown Up are all mini-epics in their own right, the latter picking up the momentum of a lit firework.”

“The spoken word finale New Rose In Love takes this angst, paranoia, acceptance and need for expression and turns it into a fifty second tablet of performance art, Yorkshire fire and brimstone from little packets shaken out for the eager and unwashed.”

While Liam Gallagher has made ‘possibly the most uplifting album of the year’: “Halo is the spiritual brother of Beady Eye’s Bring The Light, driving honky tonk piano and a whistling breakdown which successfully masks some more lyrical clangers. The River rectifies this; a marauding beast taking the modern world to task (‘the device in your hand masks your beauty’).”

“It goes without saying that, as good as these songs are, it’s Gallagher’s voice that makes some of them transcendent. At certain points he goes full falsetto, and his talent for perfectly pitching his vocals to compliment the music continues to be his greatest strength.”

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