New Bat For Lashes album Lost Girls is being previewed with The Hunger

Bat For Lashes by Logan White

Logan White

Natasha Khan’s new Bat For Lashes album Lost Girls is being previewed again with The Hunger.

“I started that song with this organ sound on a really old ’80s synth”,” she’s explained. “Then Charles Scott IV brought in his bass, and every time we were adding more and more stuff it was getting closer to this particular feeling that I wanted.”

“There’s nothing like this feeling of translating something that’s in your DNA, part of who you are energetically, coming out in music. Like it matches a thumbprint inside of you.”

Out on September 6th, the album is said to delve into a parallel universe of an ‘off-kilter coming of age film in which gangs of marauding female bikers roam our streets and teenagers make out on car hoods’ throughout the course of its ten tracks, continuing themes and revisiting characters from the 2009 record Two Suns.

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