Kanye West and Charlie Wilson collaborate again on Brothers


The latest collaboration between Kanye West and Charlie Wilson premiered on US television yesterday.

A clip of Brothers went out on the latest episode of Tales, whose writer Irv Gotti has both explained and shared more on Instagram. “There is a lot of speculation right now on who is Kanye West rapping about on the song brothers,” he’s written. “So here is the song. That BET cut off because of there way of airing episodes. But it was always meant for the audience to hear the whole record. Listen.”

“And decide for your self if you think Kanye is rapping about Jay Z or Virgil. Both Ye’s Brothers. And also let me know if you liked the episode and song. We did it for yall. My hip hop culture.”

West and Wilson previously collaborated on the No Mistakes track from Kanye’s most recent album Ye.


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