Dude York stream latest Falling single Should’ve

Dude York

Dude York are streaming a new single entitled Should’ve with their Falling album slated for release on July 26th.

Should’ve is the third track taken from the Seattle trio’s new record, which was recorded at Different Fur Studios in San Francisco with producer Patrick Brown. “I grew up listening to all this pop-punk and alt-rock that was mostly male-fronted, but I want to fill that hole I saw by recreating it now for myself,” says Claire England. “I’m trying to capture the feeling of the music I listened to when I fell in love with music.”

“I feel like a lot of the songs that were reference points consciously or unconsciously for this record dealt with everything very much in black and white, and that really resonates with you when you’re 14,15,16, 17…” Andrew Hall adds.

“I think people who have nostalgia for those songs are exploring that grey area a little bit more.”

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