Fontaines D.C. share video for Sha Sha Sha

Fontaines D.C. live

Fontaines D.C. supporting Idles at Brooklyn Steel on May 10th, 2019 (Paul Bachmann / Live4ever)

Fontaines D.C. are part of a trippy circus on their new video for Sha Sha Sha.

It’s the latest one to be taken from the band’s debut album Dogrel, already one of the year’s essentials; “On Hurricane Laughter they sprawl out over nearly five minutes of furious, of diabolical, head smashing bass and unfiltered mania, Chatten at his twisted psalms and coming in and out of focus and spotlights and CCTV and wires and sweating existential dread,” our review reads.

“It’s not a statement of intent, it’s not a statement, it’s something else, deeper and further into the sinew of his situation, a cultural autopsy a child of his age should never want to see. It’s magnificent.”

“It may lock in, however this is palpably not a groove band, but ones who still don’t fully understand their own weapons. The price of admission is only authenticity, the sin of selfies and living for likes exposed on Chequeless Reckless, Chatten passing judgment, “Charisma is exquisite manipulation and money…is the sandpit of the soul.” After it you’re forced to wonder if anyone is safe. And why should they be?”

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