Bill Ryder-Jones to release piano version of 2018 album Yawn

Yawny Yawn

Already a painstakingly fragile affair, Bill Ryder-Jones‘ Yawn album – one of our top picks of last year – has been given another delicate twist.

A version re-recorded entirely on piano, entitled Yawny Yawn, has been given a release date of July 26th and is being previewed with the new take of Don’t Be Scared, I Love You. “I can’t remember why I thought it was a good idea to make a piano version of Yawn,” Ryder-Jones says.

“I presume at some point I felt that the original had too much pep. Was actually quite fun to make although I’ve since developed a dislike for the way my hands look.”

Like Yawn, the new artwork (pic) has also been sourced from the songwriter’s family collection. “Much like the artwork for Yawn, this photo just looked like it should be an album cover,” he explains. “Whereas Yawn featured my brother, our babysitter and myself in the background, the artwork for Yawny Yawn shows me at my aunt’s house aged 3 and playing my keyboard.”

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