Wild Beasts’ Hayden Thorpe confirms debut solo album Diviner

Wild Beasts 1

Hayden Thorpe performing with Wild Beasts at the London Roundhouse (Photo: Alberto Pezzali for Live4ever)

Hayden Thorpe has unveiled his debut solo album after the end of Wild Beasts last year.

The album is entitled Diviner, as was the song which launched his solo career in February and which he said ‘became the first song and the divining rod for what was going to be next’.

It will be released on May 24th after writing sessions in California, Cornwall and London focused on his belief in songs as transformative entities. “My adulthood was based on a certain belief system, a band, a family,” he says.

“When it shifted entirely, I had a ghost I had to find a new haunt for. I believe in the medicinal properties of songs. I believe in their healing properties. Songs defy time, they don’t erode or denature, they come with you and reform anew in your mind as and when you need them.”

“I broke up with myself. So this is a break-up album, but not about a relationship. It’s a break-up from a past self, it’s a breakup from the old idea of yourself and therefore every relationship, of all kinds, that you’ve ever had.”

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