LIFE release new single Moral Fibre


LIFE performing at All Points East 2018 (Gary Mather for Live4ever)

LIFE have released a new single entitled Moral Fibre.

It’s ‘a stinging and frenzied shut up and step aside’ according to Mez Green. “A tongue in cheek reflection on the music industry, that beige scene, those that pimp poverty from Mummy’s detached house, those that trade in fair-trade cocaine and those that preach behind their keyboard. I’m taking the piss, but I’m deadly serious!”

Live4ever last sat down with at South By Southwest Festival last year when we heard all about their progress since the release of debut album Popular Music in 2017. “We just got a manager two/three weeks ago, which has been great because it’s been a lot of work so far in terms of all the stuff people don’t ever think about being in a band, so it’s kind of a weight off our shoulders,” they told us. “Not that we’d stop working. That drives us on as well. But it’s come at the right time for us.”

“We got to a point where we could self-manage, but bringing on a manager that will work with us is good. We want them to be on board with what we’re doing long-term, and that’s what’s happening. We’ve never been against working with the industry, we’re just against the pre-historic way of working.”

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