New Music Friday: The Prodigy, Bill Ryder-Jones

No Tourists

The Prodigy and Bill Ryder-Jones have released new albums today, have a listen on Live4ever via Spotify.

In our review, we described No Tourists as presenting the Prodigy ‘at far from their maximum potency but still dealing the blows like they mean them’:

“Not, of course, that the band have ever stood up and wanted to be understood at anything other than a purely superficial level, and whilst nothing here reaches the nostalgic zeitgeist they dialled up so brilliantly on Invaders Must Die, opener Need Some1 has the aggression necessary while Timebomb Zone, heavily loaded with archetypal noise as it is – sirens, diva samples – is a reminder that once they used to fill dancefloors as well as mosh pits.”

Bill Ryder-Jones will make in-store UK appearances next week in Liverpool, Nottingham, Bristol, Brighton and London now his new solo album Yawn is released, an album recorded and produced by the Coral guitarist with contributions from Mick Head and The Orielles.

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