Johnny Marr will wrap up his year with a December gig in London

Johnny Marr 2

Johnny Marr performing in London on May 16th, 2018 (Alberto Pezzali / Live4ever)

Johnny Marr will wrap up his year with a December gig in London.

The show at Earth has been arranged for December 9th after this month’s tour with Call The Comet also visits London as well as Brighton, Sheffield, Newcastle, Glasgow, Liverpool and Manchester. “The whole album is peppered with effects and unearthly rhythms,” Live4ever’s review states.

“Actor Attractor has synths that hark back toth Electronic days, and album centrepiece Walk Into The Sea offers ninety seconds of a variety of instruments all backed by a nagging pulse before it kicks into life with a sky-scraping, windswept, ear-consuming sound. As a contrast, Marr talks rather than sings throughout the song in a defiant tone.”

“As rightly heralded as he is, it always seems to go without comment how much funk Marr brings to the mix. It’s not without reason Nile Rodgers rates him so highly, and an argument could be made that The Smiths were actually a funk band. Bug is a perfect case in point, strutting as it does but the guitars on both verse and chorus could easily sit anywhere in Chic’s catalogue.”

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