Bodega released video for Endless Scroll single Name Escape

Bodega 1

Bodega playing the London Dome in July 2018 (Alberto Pezzali / Live4ever)

Bodega have released a video for Name Escape, which is currently acting as the latest single from this year’s debut album Endless Scroll.

The promo was directed band members Nikki Belfiglio and Ben Hozie and, according to the latter, ‘details at-this-moment observations from a night out at the now-defunct (and missed) Bushwick venue Palisades’.”The Smiths blare out of the P.A. as I chat with people I’ve seen hundreds of times but will never really know,” he continues.

“For the advertisement clip of the memory malfunction, Nikki directed us doing big rock hype in a big rock warehouse hyperlinked from early aughts ‘alternative’ vids. The strange thing about alienation is that it’s often beautiful and fun.”

Endless Scroll ‘is a snotty, angry, silly, ridiculous record, almost the perfect embodiment of punkish ideals’, according to Live4ever’s review. “But the best thing about the album is how, while doing this, it still manages to avoid every punk ideal by actually being passionate, earnest and frank too,” it continues.

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