New Music Friday: Kyle Falconer – No Thank You

Kyle Falconer

Bazza Mills

Kyle Falconer‘s new album No Thank You has been released today and you can check it our right here on Live4ever via Spotify.

The View frontman’s debut solo record was led off by the single Poor Me, whose inspiration taken from the Alcoholics Anonymous mantra set the scene for the album as a whole. In our review, we praised it as one about ‘a person, people and the simple poetry of life itself‘:

“Always a keen observer of people, Falconer has now turned the lens on himself, impishly throwing up reflexive song titles like Poor Me and Jekyll Down Your Hyde. Both are confrontations with addiction and its demons but, aside from the blinding lyrical honesty, each reveal an artist trying on new things, leaving the trademark amphetamine-skiffle of his old ways in the past – at least for now.”

“It’s hard, in fact, to decide whether No Thank You peels back the layers to Falconer’s writing or adds a dozen more; the lovely, melancholy reel of ballad Kelly finds him sat at the piano and surrounded by strings, while the Radio 2 friendly centre of Japanese Girl lies closer to the pop sheen of Coldplay or Snow Patrol, which is surely the point.”

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