Teleman release video for new single Cactus


Teleman have released the video for their new single Cactus.

“This video is an anthropomorphisation of a cactus: an extremophilic, inflatable, spiky organism common to arid regions the world over,” its director explains.

“The important thing was to design a creature incapable of touching anything delicate or sensitive. I had wanted to work with Lone Taxidermist for a while and we both agreed on the main visual references. After making this video I am almost certain that Cacti actually prefer solitude, but we will never know for sure.”

Taken from Teleman’s forthcoming Family Of Aliens album, Cactus has been described as a song, ‘for people who spend a lot of time, money and thought on looking good but can’t actually let anyone get close to them’.

“In youth, most preoccupations are base and wasteful – what to wear, what party to go to, who said what to whom,” they continued. “If you carry these on into later life you might be deeply unfulfilled.”

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