Teleman confirm new album Family Of Aliens


Teleman have confirmed the details of their new album Family Of Aliens.

On there is the recent single Submarine Life, as is its successor Cactus – a song, ‘for people who spend a lot of time, money and thought on looking good but can’t actually let anyone get close to them’. “In youth, most preoccupations are base and wasteful – what to wear, what party to go to, who said what to whom,” the band continues. “If you carry these on into later life you might be deeply unfulfilled.”

This follows the 2016 album Brilliant Sanity, and more recently the Fünf EP, described by Live4ever as ‘an interesting detour‘:

“These elements; elevation, stripping back, space and the sweetness of release, all snap together on Nights On Earth, not dance music, not house, not disco, not soul, just a tenderness conveyed best by its astute layering, a rarified zone in which our inner dancefloors are pried open and from which Hot Chip sprang what seems like a million years ago.”

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