The Cribs, Sleaford Mods, Brian Wilson new for this year’s Victorious Festival

By Live4ever - Posted on 23 Mar 2018 at 10:28am

Cribs 4

Ryan Jarman of The Cribs live at Leeds Arena celebrating Men’s Needs, Women’s Needs, Whatever (Gary Mather / Live4ever)

The Cribs, Sleaford Mods and Brian Wilson are new for this year’s Victorious Festival.

With headliners The Libertines, Paul Weller and the Prodigy settled, the Portsmouth-based festival has made a number of new additions to its line-up, these also including Dub Pistols, Stereo Honey, Cassia, Bang Bang Romeo and Electric Pyramid. It will be held on Southsea Seafront between August 24th-26th.

Both The Cribs and Sleaford Mods released new albums during 2017; Sleaford Mods in March with English Tapas while The Cribs arrived later in the year with 24-7 Rock Star Shit.

“Typically for a band who regard any sort of comfort zone as the route to slow artistic death, there’s also a gleeful curve ball in the synth dominated ballad Dead At The Wheel, an abstraction which seems to revel in the fact that it doesn’t particularly work whilst pushing listeners to decide whether you agree,” Live4ever’s review reads.

“At their best, The Cribs make being complicated so disarmingly simple you can forgive them their peth and proclamations. 24-7 Rock Star Shit may be one of their least accessible tracts, but as the longevity of their career shows, it’s far from commercial suicide, taking risks with little more than the stale industry aesthetics they’d already damned to hell a thousand years ago.”

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