Wild Beasts announce live album Last Night All My Dreams Came True

Wild Beasts

Wild Beasts live in New York (Paul Bachmann for Live4ever)

One of Wild Beasts‘ final acts as a band will be the release of a career-spanning live album on February 16th, 2018.

Having already detailed some farewell UK shows and put out the Punk Drunk And Trembling EP, they’ve now announced Last Night All My Dreams Came True which is being previewed with The Devil’s Palace recorded, as like the rest of the LP, live at RAK Studios.

Wild Beasts confirmed their decision to split back in September, writing on social media: “Wild Beasts are coming to an end.”

“Our hearts and minds have been devoted to the band since we were teenagers. We’ve created something quite of our own and built a body of work which we stand by as heartfelt and true.”

“The four of us have decided, for our own reasons and in our own ways, that it is now time to leave this orbit. We’re caretakers to something precious and don’t want to have it diminish as we move forward in our lives.”

Last Night All My Dreams Came True tracklist:

Wanderlust (Live at RAK)
Big Cat (Live at RAK)
A Simple Beautiful Truth (Live at RAK)
2BU (Live at RAK)
Bed Of Nails (Live at RAK)
Hooting & Howling (Live at RAK)
This Is Our Lot (Live at RAK)
He The Colossus (Live at RAK)
The Devil’s Palace (Live at RAK)
Alpha Female (Live at RAK)
Get My Bang (Live at RAK)
All The King’s Men (Live at RAK)
Celestial Creatures (Live at RAK)

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