Temples release Toe Rag Session EP

By Live4ever - Posted on 14 Dec 2017 at 8:50am

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Temples live at the Bowery Ballroom in NYC. (Paul Bachmann for Live4ever)

Temples have re-recorded three tracks from this year’s Volcano album for a new EP entitled Toe Rag Session.

Updated versions of Roman Godlike Man, Strange Or Be Forgotten and How Would You Like To Go? feature on the extended player, while a short film called Sound Education from director Paul Kelly is accompanying the release.

“Temples’ debut Sun Structures was one of 2014’s surprise packages: an amalgam of pop and florid psychedelia built on a chassis of indie gestalt, Kettering’s very own keepers of the flame took its essence and then successfully exported the dizzy formula around the world,” Live4ever’s review opens.

“For many other bands a follow up might’ve been an excuse to take stock, an option which one listen of Volcano will inform the listener was never seriously considered. It’s not so much that this second chapter isn’t a sequel to the predecessor; it’s virtually a total eclipse of it.”

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